Installing Novik is easier than you think – with just a few simple tools and no masonry skills required, you can install NovikStone® or NovikShake® and enjoy the finished product that same day. Lightweight, panelized designs offer fast & easy installation, with rich color collections that bring authentic stone siding or shake to your home. What will you create?

The Novik System

Premium Interlocking Panels

Both NovikStone and NovikShake products are made from a durable polymer material that weighs less than 4 pounds per panel. Beginning with the Universal Starter Strip, Novik products are installed from the bottom up. Each lightweight panel is engineered with hidden joints that snap together to create a seamless stone or shake texture on the project surface of your choice.

Easily Secure With Roofing Nails

Once you've secured the interlocking tabs and your panel is in place, you're ready to fasten NovikStone or NovikShake with a simple hammer and roofing nails. That's right – no mortar, adhesives, or masonry tools are required. Novik products are durable and impervious to moisture, so you can be sure that your finished product will stay looking great with no upkeep required.

All You Need Are Four Simple Tools

Hammer & nails

Box level

Tape measure

Miter saw

Get Started in 3
Easy Steps


Choose your NovikStone or NovikShake panel style and color.


Pick up your Universal Starter Strip to begin your installation.


Select accessories such as corners, ledge, trim, vents, and blocks.

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Materials Calculator

  • Step 1 - Measure Project Surface

  • Step 2 - Measure Openings

  • Step 3 - Choose Your Product


  • NET SURFACE AREA:00sq. ft.
  • 10% FOR OVERAGE:+00sq. ft.
  • TOTAL SURFACE AREA:=00sq. ft.

Total Pieces Required


Total Boxes Required


  • Step 4 - Save Your Measurements

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find installation instructions?

Installation instructions can be found in the "Installation PDFs" section of this page, or, below the "Installation Guides" tab on each individual Product page.

How do I cut NovikStone?

NovikStone is very simple to install and does not require any special tools. Novik recommends using a circular saw with a finishing blade for any cuts required. Please check out some of our short installation videos above or on our NovikStone YouTube channel.

What is Novik Universal Starter Strip and why is it used?

Novik Starter Strip is a fast and easy way to quickly start an installation. For best results, begin by attaching the starter strip straight and level to the wall. Once attached to the wall, Novik panels will fit into the strip using the hooks on the back of the panels. This system ensures a secure connection for the installation. The starter strip is only needed for the first row of product to ensure it is even and level.

Do I have to use Novik Starter Strip? Can I use another manufacturer's starter strip?

We do not recommended the use of another manufacturer’s starter strip. Novik products have been specifically designed and tested to be used in conjunction with the Novik Starter Strip.

How are NovikStone Corners installed?

NovikStone corners are very easy to install. Please refer to the Product page for the NovikStone or NovikShake product you wish to install for corner installation guides. Please note that corner installation can vary by profile. It is important to choose your profile first and then reference the installation guide for that profile.

When installing NovikStone or NovikShake, what is recommended to use as an inside corner?

When installing NovikStone or NovikShake it is recommended to use two pieces of NovikTrim side by side to hide cut edges. Novik does offer a unique profile called Dry Stack that has an innovative stone corner that acts as an inside corner and outside corner. For more details on all inside corner options, please visit our resource section of to download the product specific installation guide.

Can NovikStone be installed with direct ground contact?

Yes, NovikStone is impervious to water and can be installed directly to the ground. It is recommended to make sure dirt or rocks are not compacted tightly around NovikStone to allow for natural expansion and contraction.

How are NovikLedge and NovikLedge Corners installed?

Novik Ledge and Novik Ledge corners are installed easily above finished NovikStone. Please see the full installation guide on the NovikStone page or watch this short installation video.

How do I transition between NovikStone or NovikShake and Vinyl Siding or other products?

To transition between NovikStone or NovikShake to vinyl siding there are two options recommended:

NovikLedge - this is typically used above NovikStone to transition to vinyl and would give a more traditional stone look.

NovikTrim - this can be used with both NovikStone or NovikShake to transition to vinyl and would give a more modern look.

I need just a few pieces of Novik to complete my project. Is it possible to buy by the piece vs a full box?

Novik is available through a wide variety of retailers. Some retailers sell by the box and piece while others sell only by the box. It is always good to check the Where to Buy page of our website to check with the local stocking retailers in your area.

How can I get in touch with Customer Service?

Feel free to call Novik Customer Service toll-free at (888) 847-8057, call direct to (418) 878-6161 or fax at (418) 878-6164. You can also complete and submit the form on our Contact page.